Primary school with an international focus starts in Luleå

In the autumn, Luleå municipality is starting a new primary school, Luleå International School, where teaching will largely be in English. An international school creates good conditions for Luleå's future business establishments, and enables an education with an international focus for residents of Luleå.

Cecilia Munter Brandén is Principal of Luleå International School.

Luleå International School starts in autumn 2024 in central Luleå. The international school is part of a political decision to increase the pace of the green transition, and will create conditions for families from other countries to settle in Luleå. The school will also be an option for the people of Luleå who want to attend a school with an international focus.

– You could say that the world is our arena and English is our language, we are building global citizens. Theoretical subjects will be taught in English," says Cecilia Munter Brandén, principal of the school.

All students who want to attend Luleå International School must make an active school choice and apply for a place. It does not matter where you live in the municipality.

– Luleå International School will be a school with high ambitions where the focus is on good study culture, academic expectations and a clear framework. We will also work with a commitment beyond the classroom. The ambition is to create a social community where teachers, students and families are included," says Cecilia Munter Brandén.

Initially, the programme will be offered to pupils in grades 4-9 and will then gradually be expanded to more grades and a total number of about 200 pupils. The school will work closely with Luleå High School's IB programme.

– This is an important initiative and direction, which is aimed at both our students in the municipality and immigrants from other countries. Completely in tune with the time and the green transition, says Maritha Meethz, Chairman of the Children and Education Committee.


Text och bild: Marie Larsson