The professor sees his future in Norrbotten

Marcus Liwicki from Germany arrived in Luleå on a summer’s day in 2017. He’d been invited to Luleå University of Technology (LTU), to be interviewed for a position as professor of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Before the airport bus had even departed, Luleå had already made a good impression on him.

–Everything was so well-organised. We disembarked, got our bags straight away, and then the bus neatly pulled up. No jostling, no stress.

Today, three years later, the family has two children and has bought a house in Södra Sunderbyn. Spending their future in Norbotten feels like a given.

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Marcus Liwicki outside his home, a white brick house in a snowy landscape.

– People in northern Sweden are fantastic at working with lighting, both homes and workplaces have many small lights that make them so cozy during the dark season. To go for a walk and see all the illuminated houses in December, they look like in a fairy tale!

Marcus works hard to inspire others and convince potential future employees to move to the region.

– Luleå and Norbotten have so much to offer in terms of quality of life and career. At LTU, you get to really develop professionally, travel and learn more. The best the academicsector has to offer! I’m hoping my journey will inspire others to make the move up here as well.

Are you interested in moving to Luleå? Read more here! Länk till annan webbplats.

Liwicki in his office, making puzzle.

In the office at the university. There is both an exercise bike to keep the muscles in shape and a really difficult puzzle to keep the brain in shape. Also an exercise in teamwork: "When something seems impossible, we can, as a team, manage it together", says Marcus Liwicki about the puzzle, which has motives from the series "La Casa de Papel".

Marcus Liwkici in his office.

In 2009/2010, Marcus Liwicki worked as a visiting professor at Kyushu University in Japan and he has also worked at universities in Germany and Switzerland. "The culture at Luleå University of Technology is welcoming and non-prestigious, and I appreciate that the opportunities for permanent employment are greater here than in many other places, it makes people feel safer and perform better," he says.

Who is Marcus Liwicki?

  • Keeps busy: Professor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor in the field of AI and machine learning.
  • Grew up: Berlin.
  • Lives: Södra Sunderbyn.
  • Age: 39.
  • Favourite place in Luleå: Gültzauudden beach, even in winter.
  • Luleå in three words: Welcoming, unpretentious, homely.


Text: Frida Mörtsell

Foto: Jimmy Edlund, Burban Studios